About The J Tillman Group

We would like to preface the "About Us"  information by saying we are likely more aware of our competition than you might think. 

Being the best general contractor available means having awareness of our competitors and yes we occasionally make observations. Most companies would never admit it but we just did. The best way for you to acquire confidence in our company is to communicate with us, to meet us, to share your ideas and concepts with us and to give us an opportunity to bid your project.

We constantly study and practice our craft to assure we are unequivocally the best company to construct your home. As a seasoned professional home building company we are continuously learning and evolving as our industry, state and local governing municipalities change over time. We have been on a first name basis with most of the building inspectors and office personnel for many years, in fact, when we started in this industry there was only a skeleton of a building department and very few building codes to know. Today there are multiple volumes of codes, codes developed during our time in the industry which is to say we learned these codes as they developed providing us with many years to observe and assure code conformance. " We Live By The Code"

Lou Denigris has been in the construction industry since the late 1970's and John Basinger has been in the industry since the 1980's. Combined we have over 60 years of constant learning, improving and mastering our trade. It is an extremely rare day when something arises that we have not already experienced. Both John and Lou manage projects "onsite" not from the office. Though we have had live streaming video on most of our projects for years and we can see what is transpiring on site at any given time; We know from experience that having a physical presence is the only way to properly direct our team of contractors and conduct our operations.

Everyday on every project situations present themselves that can only be properly dealt with by the general contractor. Site conditions are safer, more controlled, liability is reduced and the interest of our client is best served when we are personally present. We have watched many contractors attempt to manage from the office and in no way is this management technique to your benefit. We have seen companies hire project managers but in the end a project manager eventually ends up being nothing more than a fall guy when something goes wrong.  As general contractors we are available to answer questions, solve problems and in many cases to physically assist our contractors when necessary.

Our architects consistently make the difference between a typical average house and the house plan with conceptual differences that make your final product great. We are available during the drawing stages to make suggestions that can in some cases save money on materials and streamline building operations. There is no substitute for a second and third pair of experienced eyes during drawing phases that can avert potential situations and/or additional costs once the building process begins.

Our projects type and values vary from client to client. We are not limited to ego when it comes to business; We will build the 20,000sq' home or the 1,000sq' home with the same conviction, assurance and respect of our client. We can also build your office, tenant finish your building space or build you a grow facility from scratch. Our experienced is unmatched in our territory and we are clearly aware of this fact.

Our company is dedicated to incorporating efficiency into our projects, reducing our carbon footprint and making minimal impact on the surrounding area. When we finish a home we strive to have the building site look as unsullied as possible, as if the house grew out of the ground leaving nature virtually untouched by our operations. Building sustainable homes or green homes take a greater knowledge than the average builder possesses, but we can confidently build anything that can be drawn.

We have a higher level of communication and a staunch commitment to each client that make our projects successful and our clients happy.  We always follow through with do diligence because there is no room for guesswork. When we provide our clients with final costing we are confident because we get every aspect of the project in writing from our team of tradesmen before we present you with the information.

Our compensation is always reasonable and in line with individual projects. Our contracts are short, to the point, easy to read and most importantly amiable. We understand it may be from the older school of thought but if the contract is good for our client it needs to be equally good for us.

Jefferson County Colorado has been our primary area of building but we do venture into neighboring counties.

If your looking for an experienced general contractor for your home, condo finish out, equine facility or commercial grow facility, The J Tillman Group is the prominent choice.

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