experience takes time

Our Experience

Experience is a difficult thing to clearly explain because there are so many aspects of our work and life that together equal experience.

Time, opportunity, successes and failures combined have all played a roll in creating our experience. Our wisdom is a byproduct of our experiences and most importantly one of the primary differences between the J Tillman Group and our competition. Being conscious of lessons learned and situations we have been through provide us with a valuable business tool only time will allow.  We have been in the construction industry for decades, decades that have taught lessons that can not be learned by reading books, blogs or articles in trade magazines. Reading about other peoples experiences does not equate to experience for the reader. The only way to create experience to to physically live through the many random situations that occur the ones we have lived through and learned from.

Working with thousands of people over the years has afforded us the opportunity to have lived through encompassing all personality types. Individuals that are extremely easy to work with and individuals that are completely opposite with everything in between all have effected the way we conduct business today.

Basic similarities exist in every job but recognizing situational abnormalities consistently before they present themselves is a function of experience and something we do better than any of our competitors.

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