Commercial Construction

With over two decades of commercial construction experience, you can trust the J Tillman Group to handle your project with professionalism and care. We can handle projects ranging from small buildings to larger office complexes and warehouse structures.



Commercial Grow Facilities

Serious Commercial Growers Only (Medium to Large Scale)

Here is a video assembled by our client "Nick" you'll see a picture of him early on in the slide show taking a selfie. Thank you Nick for putting this together and allowing us to use it here on our site!!  Thank you too Ward!!

This video starts out silent and plays music 1/3 of the way into the video. We have no control over the sound. "Sorry for that" There was a Pharrell Williams song owned by Sony that was stripped from the video so it would play on our site.

    We build facilities for the medium to large scale commercial grow industry. Take your plant husbandry ideology to a much greater level. Loose the historical grow mentality of using any vacant basement, garage, barn, attic, shed or storage facility and built your own custom facility or stop paying huge leases and fighting local complainers.

    Seasoned growers are a unique breed and we as a building company recognize most growers are filled with ingenuity. Most growers have had to continuously make corrections, improvements and alterations to their equipment, space and location(s). We recognize your ingenuity mix it with our construction knowledge elevating your operation to true factory levels.

Lets face the facts:
     You Grow - That's what you do! You don’t build commercial buildings, you don’t fully understand what the building departments are looking for. You likely don’t have the knowledge of commercial building codes that effect your future building project.

    We understand you probably know a tradesman or two from setting up your current and/or past dark grow spaces but we also understand your current space is not on the scale of a true factory. The J Tillman Group can takes the stereo type of shoestring, bailing wire, duct tape grow facility to a professional level with our background in construction.  
    We’ve seen growers try to be their own general contractor - It Doesn’t Work!

Grow Facility Design -
    We take your facility requirements and use our commercial construction knowledge to put it on paper.
    No Grower can afford to lose crops to mold, disease, inconsistent atmospheric conditions, power outages or improper use of air systems.
    Lights & Light Cooling Systems,
    Climate Control & Fresh Air Exchange Systems
    Humidity, Mold.
    Building Exhaust & Filtering Systems
    Security Systems
    Nutrient Feeders, CO2, MIP

Grow Facility Construction -
    Knowing your construction codes, local municipalities and having a great team of contractors is key to success. We understand every grower has an electrician friend or carpenter buddy but we have professionals necessary to build with confidence. We understand commercial building requirements, occupancy classifications, fire alarms and/or suppression systems.

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