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So You Want To Build A House?

- Thursday, March 12, 2015

So You Want To Build A House?


By: Lou Denigris

         When you decide to build a house or an addition there is a lot to think about. Beside the obvious considerations, site plan, architectural plans, fit and finish there is the most important question; Who is going to be the builder?

            We would like to work with every person that inquires about our services but that does not always happen for one reason or another. That being said, the one reason we think we are worth being considered as your builder is our competence and commitment.

            First of all we love what we do.  Generally, there is not a form of building we have not been involved in, from new homes to additions, from large commercial steel buildings to equestrian facilities of all kinds, and we are completely  involved  from beginning to the end of the project. We do not use project managers,  we personally visit and supervise the entire project.

         Our company does everything required to get a project up and running , from the architect and engineer, to obtaining all permits through the final inspections.

         The sub-contractors we use are all vetted licensed and insured. Beyond  that we have worked with these companies for many years. When you hire us you hire a team.

          We believe in working with customer as closely as possible . We keep our clients informed at all times as to the progress of the project and when any important decisions need to be made. We encourage the customer to ask any question they may have, no matter how simple or complicated. Clients are also welcome on the job site at all times. This is a joint venture and cooperation between builder and client is critical.

         We take our commitment to the project seriously , yet we try and make the entire process enjoyable. This is not an adversarial situation, the goal for us and our customers are the same. Make the job go as efficiently as possible, on time and on budget .  If there are bumps along the way, we smooth them out.  We are easy to get along with and so are our sub-contractors. It is our goal to make the entire process  as pleasant as possible.

      It’s simple really, keep the customer informed and involved as much as possible, so everyone is on the same page and the project will be completed to everyone's expectations.

                                                                                                                          Thanks  Lou and John
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