Residential & Commercial Design

After this many years building and constructing we’ve run across countless situations where a blueprint didn’t have enough thought or detail included for various parts of the design.


We are not classically trained design professionals (architect) but we have physically constructed more homes than the average designer and have garnered the practical application knowledge of nearly 30 years in the building industry. We’ve gained our knowledge of design aspects the exact same way; Physically creating a tangible item(s) borne from ideas of design professionals adopting many of the concepts and ideas over the years and adding a litany of our own.

There are many individuals that can design your project but the end result is up to the blueprint interpretation of the builder assembling your project. Interpretation and insight are the two main reason we prefer to design and build, because who knows what you want better than the person you consult with to put your ideas down on paper. After we draw your home or remodel the greatest benefit for us is to construct your home with our ability to stay true to your design ideology.

If you have already contracted a design professional we would be happy to meet with them to discuss and discover possible options and or variations of specific spaces and design elements that will benefit your living experience. We’re not interested in redrawing or second guessing your design professional we would just like to have a chance to compare and contrast ideas that can benefit you. 

Residential Design

If you are in the design stages we are there to help you with refining your ideas making sure they are physically possible and cost effective. We can draw your plans for you or we are happy to work hand-in-hand with your architect. Our main focal point during the design stages are assuring your home is comfortable, provides more than just functionality and is visually pleasing in every aspect.

We are able to help your architect add components that will make your daily life more efficient allowing you to move smoothly through your house and have a place for everything in your life.

Simple Floor Plan Example


Commercial Design

Designing a light cooling system for your plant husbandry facility takes a lot of information, focus and understanding. We drew this light cooling system for a client's commercial grow facility. This is the initial design (not the finished product) we wouldn't want to give up too much information.

On this particular project we drew the foundation, floor plan, fresh air exchange system, heating system, incorporated ADA regulated items, electrical design, de-humidification system design and light elevation controlling system. 

Light Cooling System Example



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