The Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling a kitchen is a great way to improve your environment and add value to your home at the same time. In 2013 your average return on investment for a kitchen remodel in Denver and surrounding suburbs was 73.15%.

We can help design your kitchen incorporating your ideas, supply you with custom cabinets and provide all construction necessary to complete your new culinary environment. How do you get started? Are your questions “the right questions”? Do you want a kitchen everyone else has or are you looking for a “Uniquely You” kitchen?


Kitchen Considerations

Kitchen remodeling presents endless considerations. We have a very comprehensive interactive form we created to assist in the decision making process of the planning phase. There are so many considerations no one can possibly be aware of all the options. New options are being developed every year.

Once you have decided on style, we get into rudimentary the design aspect, starting with the size of the room, how tall are the ceilings, how many windows and what size. From there we look at the basic question of why you are remodeling your kitchen.

You may be remodeling your kitchen to smooth the flow of function or to upgrade to the latest appliances and counter tops. Some people remodel simply to update the kitchen so it doesn't look too dated when they prepare to sell their home, hopefully your considering remodeling your kitchen for your own personal and your families experiences.

Once we understand how you use your kitchen or would like to use your kitchen the details are endless.

Designing a timeless kitchen has merit, if you shopping for your kitchen appointments at a local box store your likely creating a trendy kitchen that will by out of favor in a few short years. National chain box stores sell what's hot right now, while their inventory selection is ever changing its the masses that determine whats popular at the time. Within 5 years of completing your kitchen it is dated and the real estate market will recognize it. Lets face it, we have been installing soft close doors and drawers for almost 20 years, now everyone is aware because its being pushed by the Box stores.

If you concentrate on your needs, and look for unique aspects you will be designing a timeless kitchen.

Unique examples:

  • Under counter refrigerator and freezers
  • Cover the bottom of your upper cabinets to create a clean look
  • Build in a coffee station
  • Appliance Lift Stations
  • Natural Stone Sinks
  • Walk-in Pantry

Wood Counter Tops

Wood Counter tops truly dress up a kitchen and add a level of elegance that most people have never imagined let alone considered. Most companies do not offer wood counter tops because they don’t have a source or this option. We do! Not only can we source wood counter tops we can make wood counter tops out of any wood available. There are some characteristics you should consider when choosing a wood species and we are happy to share our recommendations with you.

Wood counter tops need a little more care than a granite top.  Though your counter is made from wood we recommend using cutting boards as you would if you had granite, Corian or plastic laminate.

Wood Counter tops add elegance, are unique and do not have to look like a cutting board. Your top can be made to look exactly like a table top. We have suggesting wood counter tops since the late 1990's and you still don't see them for sale in the National Box Chain Stores.

Granite Counter Tops

Granite Counter tops cost between $35 and $170 per square foot for the materials and between $40 to $100 for installation. Your counter top edge options can add to the cost of your top. The more detailed the more expensive. Granite is by far the most popular tops found in apartments, hotels, homes and offices because of it’s durability and expense. Granite is reasonably priced, a welcome option over man made solid surface tops and adds a very refined appointment to your kitchen.

Granite is a definite upgrade over laminate counter tops. While it cost more than the typical laminate - chances are the laminate will need to be changed at least 5 times before you get tired of your granite. Granite tops are water and scratch resistant and it comes in a large variety of colors.


Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is something most people don't completely understand and once your kitchen is completed it very difficult in most cases to go back and add the lights you should have considered in the first place.  Most people don't realize the options available today, from the temperature of individual lights, to the casting a particular light produces.

Halogen, fluorescent, incandescent and led light types have completely different aspects, costs and semi comparable lumens. Low voltage lighting -vs- 110v lighting has in most cases different costs no only in the product but also in the labor to install the products.


FSC  and ESP Certified

Cabinets manufactured recognizing the Forestry Stewardship Program and the Environmental Stewardship Program recognize product and process resource management, air quality, community relations. Recognizing the chain of custody assures materials used come from managed and sustainable forests.

In the construction of these cabinets no urea formaldehyde exists in the box manufacturing. This resin used in glues will gass-off formaldehyde when exposed to the air, a suspect human carcinogen that at high levels can irritate eyes, noes and throat or at low levels aggravate asthma at low levels.

VOC's or volatile organic compounds are emitred from some building materials that contribute to indoor air pollution. ESP certified cabinets utilize low-emitting materials that do not contribute to indoor contamination.


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