Building Your New Home

The J Tillman Group has been building Custom Homes, Hand Crafted Log and Timber Frame Homes for more than 28 years. We build on your lot, guiding you in the placement of your new home on the lot for the best exposure and curb appeal. During the physical placement of your home we minimize disruption to the land keeping your home as environmentally friendly and appealing as possible.

Building a home can be challenging; we build homes as seamless as possible giving you choices, alternatives, solutions and guiding you through every situation during the construction phases.


Pricing Your Project

There are a few different styles of preparing a cost to build.

  • The square foot method (An easy method but not good enough for a bank)
  • The educated guess method (Again, not good enough for a bank)
  • The method we use, The solid quote method (The only method we hang our hat on)

We deliver your plans to each of our team members with special instruction for quoting each individual plan, a process that takes a little longer during building booms but it is worth the wait. We collect written quotes from our team members, review the details, question items that don't look right or reasonable and add them to our spreadsheet. For an average home this process can take between 3 & 4 weeks, a very short period of time to wait for a costing you can know is legitimate.


Preparing Your Project For Permit Submittals

We will walk your project through the permit process from preparing a submittal package that assures your project meet the qualifications of the governing jurisdiction for your project to physically walking your packet  through the building department.

The requirements today may surprise you but with the recognition of the IECC (International Energy Conservation Code). Today in Denver City & County your new garage will be required to have power that can charge an electric car even if you don't own one.

Some of the items that may be needed today:

  • Well Production Report
  • Vehicle Tracking Control Plan
  • Wildfire Mitigation Documentation (Above 6,400')
  • Septic Permit, Septic Engineered Design
  • Manual "J" and if you project is forced air a Manual "D"
  • Stamped Driveway Engineered Plans

Project Management & Quality Control

We are managing in the field not in the office. We are on the job every day work is happening. Obviously, if we are in the middle of a two foot snow storm we aren't there, but we are always managing. 

We are always checking our team members for pricing alignment. We have multiple tradesmen for each trade and we check their pricing against each other to be assured we are always providing the most professional product for you at the best price.

Because we are on site and because we have practiced every trade, we know what to expect and our team knows we expect a high quality job. We have a team of proven professional working with us to assure you get the best product available, some of our team has been working with us for over 15 years.


Guiding You, "The Owner" Through The Process

For most people building a new home is an experience that hopefully happens at least once in your lifetime but even if this is not your first rodeo the process can be difficult without guidance. We have broken down the building process and created interactive documents to walk you through the process as seamlessly as possible. Every phase has homework for you but we keep you organized so you prepared when we say "Did you pick out your shower valves, we are starting to plumb next week"? With each phase we supply you with our suppliers information including a contact person, phone numbers and email addresses for setting up appointments with our product representatives to further help guide you though making selections and decision.


Blasting Is A Possibility In The Rocky Mountains

Everyone has heard the Rocky Mountains are Granite and occasionally when looking at a project the term blasting comes up. This is a common occurrence and we all hope for the sake of saving money that we don't have to blast. While our excavators use very powerful equipment and while they can in many situations dig fractured granite they can't always win the battle.   If you are looking to purchase a property that will require blasting you may consider using potential "blasting" as a tool to negotiate the price of land downward. No we don't use TNT or Nitroglycerin, today one of the most common medium is ammonium nitrate. 

The photo on the right is the explosive "ammonium nitrate".

It looks like the foam beanbag beads or mag chloride (ice melt).

It's no good if it gets wet but we watch the weather closely.


This video shows us blasting Colorado Rock Mountain Granite.

The video below shows the explosion portion of the process.

The rock has already been drilled in strategic locations, The ammonium nitrate has been loaded with detonation cord to ignite the explosive. (The hard work is done) Time to blow.

Blasting the septic field, septic tank.



If you are in the design stages we are there to help you with refining your ideas making sure they are physically possible and cost effective. We can draw your plans for you or we are happy to work hand-in-hand with your architect. Our main focal point during the design stages are assuring your home is comfortable, provides more than just functionality and is visually pleasing in every aspect.

We are able to help your architect add components that will make your daily life more efficient allowing you to move smoothly through your house and have a place for everything in your life.

Simple Floor Plan Example


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