Remodeling and Home Improvement

The J Tillman Group is well versed in remodeling homes, kitchens and bathrooms. What makes us different from other contractors is that we will take the time to discuss the changes with you and make an effort to help you understand all aspects of your remodeling project.

We are very interested in reviewing your project with you and look forward to helping you any way we can whether you decide to work with us or you choose another contractor.


Why Remodel

Your choices and ideas make sense to you from the stand point of wanting to initiate a remodeling project but if your rational for remodeling is based on anything other than for your own comfort and desire to change your environment; We will help you determine if it is financially reasonable? What brings us to say this are past clients looking to finally spruce up their home so they can better sell. Fixing up your home to sell makes sense but how far should you go? Does spending the money to remodel a kitchen make sense or is it financially more reasonable to take those same funds and spread them out to spruce up your entire home?

Our main goal is to make sure our clients gain value through our efforts and their expenditure. We applaud people who are interested in changing their environment for their own enjoyment and we will sit down with you and clearly explain the return on your investment.

We are in the construction industry to make money not unlike why your likely in your profession but the last thing we want to do is watch a client move forward with a project when we know they won't see a sufficient return on investment.


With your input we can design your project the way you envision developing a blueprint along the way that can be used for permitting (if applicable) as well as building. Once your design is completed regardless of who draws your plans we will sit down with you and document in detail the finishes of your project.



on your new home project!
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